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Remote Library Access

You can now access library on-line database services or the registration program outside the University. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) server set up by the Computer Center Directorate is now operational and can be accessed through any Internet connection outside the University.Username and password information to access this server is processed through the Radius Server which will verify this information through our Mail Server.Following basic steps will enable you to connect the server:

1. Start-Control Panel / Network Connections

2. The Wizard will start with the link "Create a new connection" on the top left corner.

3. Click on "Next"

4. Choose "Connect to my network at my workplace" option on the "Network Connection Type" screen.

5. Click on "Next"

6. Choose "Virtual Private Network Connection" on the "Network Connection" screen.

7. Click on "Next"

8. For the company name, put any name (e.g., EMU VPN)

9. Click on "Next"

10. Choose "Do not dial the initial connection" on the "Public Network" screen.

11. Click on "Next

12. On the "VPN Server Selection" screen, put down "" as the Host Name.

13. Click on "Next"

14. As the final step, choose "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop" to connect the Server directly from the desktop.

15. After this point, put down the username and password used for the e-mail.

Example: your.username

Password: ***********


If the connection is successful, you are connected to the University Network. You can access any University related information (e.g., library) or perform any kind of University related action (e.g., online registration program).

After your first connection, you'll be using the shortcut created on your Desktop to establish consecutive connections. As mentioned above, you'll be using your e-mail username ( the first part before @ sign which is usually firstname.surname ) and your password. To establish VPN Connection successfully, your private Internet Connection at home must have been established first.

Please note that you are using your email username and password, therefore it is very important not to share it with anyone else. Giving out your VPN connection credentials means giving out your email account credentials.  

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