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Programme Overview

The full MSC programme comprises nine modules and a project, and it is possible to complete it in one year.

Each module comprises one week of intensive full-day instruction to be followed by a 4000-6000 word assignment to be completed within 6 weeks of the end of the module.

The project which you start work on at the beginning of the course is approximately 20,000 words. The project counts for 50% of the final grade for the MSC.

The modules are delivered jointly by WMG staff who come to EMU for the intensive week along with specialists at EMU. You will also have a project and course supervisor at EMU.

Both Supply Chain and Logistics Management and Engineering Business Management programmes have the same modules; the major difference between the two programmes will be in the project area you select. The current modules are as follows:

Logistics and Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
Global Business Environment
Quality Management and Techniques
Procurement and Inventory Management
Operations Strategy for Industry
Financial Analysis and Controls Systems
Project Planning Control and Management
Organizations, People and Performance

Additional modules are available in the UK and other overseas centres, and students can 'add and drop' accordingly, within the entitlement that students have to take a maximum of two modules in another centre. In this regard, please note the following structure:

Module Requirements

Modules Requirement
Organisations, People & Performance At least 2 At least 1
Financial Analysis & Control Systems At least 1
Supply Chain Management At least 5 At least 5
Logistics & Operations Management
Quality Management & Techniques
Procurement & Inventory Management
Global Business Environment
Operations Strategy for Industry
Project Planning Management & Control



  1. This means in short that all EMU students must take: OPP and FACS modules
  2. We would strongly recommend that all students here take SCM and LOM modules.
  3. OPSI is also strongly recommended for EBM students (it is a core module in the UK)
  4. If visiting another overseas centre, e.g. the UK you can drop if you wish 2 modules and replace them with other modules that are run in the UK, but you must make sure that those modules count towards the degree you are enrolled in.
  5. Global Business Environment is particularly recommended for SCLM students as it is part of the CIPS accreditation conditions.