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Taking Modules Overseas

As part of your programme fees, you are entitled to take two modules from your programme in the UK, or other WMG Overseas Centre.

If you need a UK visa, you will need to allow 4-6 weeks for visa processing, and as part of your application you should make sure you have an acceptance letter from WMG, copies of your WMG grades, and letters from EMU confirming your student status and that your fee payments are up to date; you will also need documentation about your personal finances. Be very careful when filling in the application and make sure your photographs meet the exact standards required! Procedures are strict, and we do have to warn you that we cannot guarantee a successful application for visas.

Before applying, please make sure you carefully read these WMG procedures for students wishing to take modules in the UK.

Then, check the schedule of overseas modules available.

Early application is essential and you will only be given a place if there is room in the class; you may therefore wish to provide alternative options.

You must check the WMG-EMU schedule to ensure there are no clashes. Please bear in mind that all WMG-EMU students must take the OPP and FACS modules. Aside from this, you could choose to take two alternative modules to the WMG-EMU programme overseas if you wish.

For UK visits, Turkish airlines have direct flights from Istanbul to Birmingham (20-30 minutes by road to Warwick University. From London, there is a direct rail service from London (Euston) to Coventry. WMG may be able to help you book accommodation in Arden House or one of their other facilities. Accommodation Students can stay at the University at Arden House; the website to check availability and book accommodation is

You can also (or the student) can email  directly for any enquiry

Changes to UK Visa Application Procedures, November 2014

Please find the following  website for Teleperformance, the UK Visa Application Centre in Cyprus:

As per the following website, the British High Commission no longer handles visa enquiries or applications.

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Submitting Assignments for Modules taken in the UK or other centres Please read the following information sheet from WMG very carefully.

Further Information from WMG, UK (Last updated October, 2014)

1)     Students with "Incomplete Applications" should not be allowed to book any module but in particular one at another centre until all pending documentation has been forwarded to the Course Office ( and an unconditional offer letter has been issued to the student.

2)     If the module is a UK part time module, all students are required to complete credit/debit card details, even if they opt out of lunch, refreshments, meals and / or accommodation. In these circumstances, the card will only be charged if the student fails to attend or cancel the booking  (following the cancellation policy on page 2 of the attached booking form).

3)     Please note that the latest version of the booking forms can be found on the Staff Area at (please regularly check for all other forms, such as "Changes to Registration" too).

4)     Students should not send the booking form directly to, but to their centre of studies, who will consider, record the request and then forward it to the aforementioned email if appropriate. The local centre may wishnot to support the request if by so agreeing a locally delivered module becomes unviable.

5)     Once a booking form is received, availability on the requested module is checked with the appropriate office (full time or part time). If a place can not be booked (because the module is full or there are already a disproportionate number of overseas programme students attending), the course office (wmg-overseas) will inform the local centre office so that they may enquire if the student wishes to be on the waiting list (in the event that any of the already registered students cancel) or booked onto another module.

6)     Once the module has been booked, an invitation letter will be sent to the local centre so it can be forwarded to the student. As the visa paperwork might take up to 2 months to process for the student, it would be appreciated if the booking form is sent in good time (i.e. at least 2 months before the module is scheduled). Please note that availability for PT modules cannot be confirmed until 3 months before the module. Students who wish to book earlier than this will go on a waiting list, Although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that an invitation letter to attend the module can be sent on the same day; it may take up to a week to process and this should be taken into account by the student when making the booking. All students must have a valid visiting student visa as UK Border Agency rules do not allow them to attend modules whilst visiting the UK with a tourist or business visa. Guidance on visas can be obtained from the University of Warwick International Office on

7)     If the student wishes to cancel the module, the cancellation regulations (2nd page of the booking form) will be applied. If after cancelling the module the student would like to re-book it, a new form must be sent to their centre of studies for forwarding to WMG.

8)     Timetables and other relevant information for the module (such as pre-reading material, when applicable) will be sent directly to the student email address (written on the form) at least one week the before the module start (or earlier if this is possible). If the student doesn't receive this by the Thursday before the start of the module they should contact the relevant UK course office directly -full time office (courseoffice@WMG.WARWICK.AC.UK) for full time MSc modules or part time office (Nicholas Frost frost_n@WMG.WARWICK.AC.UK) for part-time MSc modules.

9)     Should a student need to change their refreshment, lunch, meals or accommodation options, these will need to be done at least one week before the module is due to start. Please note the cancellation policy on the second page of the form.

10)  All overseas programme students will need to follow the same submission date and time deadlines as the rest of the students in the class, even if this means less time than that which they are used to when they submit a PMA at their centre of studies.

11)  Following receipt of the tutor marks, the PMA mark and feedback will be sent to the local centre by wmg-overseas for the centres to distribute to the student.

Further Information from Hong Kong Polytechnic, Kowloon (Last updated August, 2013)

For accommodation, there is a relatively low cost hotel nearby that many of our visitors used.  "Red Tea House Hotel", please click this link for information: In the month of August, the room rate per night for a double bed room  from Sun to Thu is around HKD700, from Fri and Sat is raised to HK$950 and from Sat to Sun further raised up to HKD1130. For other hotels nearby, we are talking about HK$2000 per night.

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